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Section: How we can help
Rehabilitation Services

MertonVision has a contract with London Borough of Merton Social Services to provide rehabilitation and mobility training for people with a visual impairment in Merton. The Rehabilitation Officer who is employed by Merton Vision carries out assessments and visual impairment registration on behalf of Social Services. Other specialist workers may also refer people to the Rehabilitation Officer if they feel that specific input is required.

The Rehabilitation Officer may offer general information, or practical advice regarding your sight loss. You may need help with aspects of confidence development, mobility, communication and daily living in and out of the home. The Rehabilitation Officer may advise on equipment or services which are available to you. You may also be offered training, usually carried out on a one-to-one basis in the home environment, in the areas of reading and writing, getting around inside and outside, low vision and daily living skills.

MertonVision also has a contract with London Borough of Merton Social Services Children’s Division and Special Educational Needs Team to provide mobility and independence training for children in the borough who have a visual impairment.

The aim is to offer services appropriate to each individual, with the intention of helping that person to live as independently as possible.

To make a referral to the rehabilitation service, phone MertonVision on 020 8540 5446, or email Kevin Gregory or Samantha Jarvis


learning cane skills

learning long cane skills

Insight Courses

In addition to the individual rehabilitation service, you also have the opportunity to attend a 2 day awareness course conducted by MertonVision at their building, the Guardian Centre. The course, known as The Insight Course, offers information about services available for assistance with your visual impairment and a chance to meet with other people who are in a similar situation. There is also the opportunity to discuss practical issues within the group, and to try out equipment which may assist with daily living skills or other practical areas.

Please contact us if you would like to attend. 020 8540 5446

We also offer Refresher one-day courses, details as above if you would like to attend.


Are you worrying a lot? Are you feeling bad about yourself? Does nobody around you seem to understand what you are going through? It can help to have someone to talk to, someone to listen to you and think about your problems with you. Sometimes we need to talk things over with someone specially trained, who is outside our circle of family and friends.  MertonVision provides a counselling service in a confidential setting. For more information click on link.


Click on this link to access information from London Borough of Merton online






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