Habilitation Worker

Habilitation Worker job description[6782]


SALARY: £32,400 to £37,500 pro rata Dependant on qualifications and experience


HOURS: 7 hours per week, 1 day flexible *


MertonVision is looking for an enthusiastic, skilled and committed Habilitation specialist to join our successful team supporting children and young people aged 0-25 who have a vision impairment.


ROLE: Your role will be part of our successful sensory service supporting the habilitation needs of these children and young people. You will develop individually tailored programmes and training based on their identified needs. You will ensure positive transitions from home into all settings including into adult services as appropriate. You will work in home, school and public settings with children, their families and other professionals.


This is an opportunity to work with a committed team that supports these children through Primary and Secondary Resources and outreach to families and settings.


Our successful candidate will have:

A nationally recognised qualification in Habilitation training for children and young people with a visual impairment.


If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!


Closing date: Friday 3rd September 2021

Interviews week commencing 11th September 2021


Please send your CV and a covering letter to kevin.gregory@mertonvision.org.uk

Kevin Gregory CEO MertonVision

The Guardian Centre, 67 Clarendon Road, SW19 2DX

Tel: 020 8540 5446


Registered Charity Number 1075388

Company Number 3758661


*In addition: A fantastic new opportunity!


Collaboration between Sight for Surrey and Merton Vision gives applicants the opportunity to increase their weekly hours of work delivering services across Merton and Surrey.  This enables the applicant to extend their working hours, spending one day a week in Merton and up to four days a week in Surrey.

This enhanced opportunity is open to qualified Habilitation Specialists and qualified Rehabilitation workers who would be interested in undertaking the Habilitation top up training at Birmingham University.


MERTON VISION & SFS Habilitation Specialist for Children and Young Peopl…[6813]



Post Identification

Habilitation Specialist for Children and Young People


Job purpose

To provide assessment, mobility and independent living skills training for children and young people who have a vision or multi-sensory impairment in both Surrey.and Merton


Reports to

CEO in Merton / Senior Habilitation Specialist in Surrey.




Specialist Graduate Diploma in Habilitation and Disabilities of Sight (Children and Young People) or equivalent qualification which specifically meets all the learning outcomes arising from the ‘Quality Standards – Delivery of Habilitation Training (Mobility and Independent Living Skills) for Children and Young People with Visual Impairment (2011)’: Qualification Participant Learning Outcomes.

Or Rehabilitation Worker prepared to undertake the additional role in Surrey.and complete the top up Habilitation training course at Birmingham. University.

Safe Guarding Certificate (Can be completed following appointment)

First Aid Certificate (Can be completed following appointment)


IT Skills


Job Description


As a Qualified Habilitation Specialist you will be required to:


To provide mobility and independent living skills training for children and young people who have a vision or multi-sensory impairment.


  1. To-ordinate all aspects of the provision of Habilitation (Mobility and Independent Living) training for Children and Young People (CYP) who have significant vision impairment (0-25 years)
  2. To work closely with line manager to ensure the work of the teams are equitable and meets all objectives.


  1. To work closely with line manager to maximise the resources within the team for delivering habilitation training. When appropriate work in partnership with Qualified Habilitation Assistants (QHA) to maximise opportunities to CYP’s who require skills training. The Habilitation Specialist will take responsibility for the training programmes delivered to the children on their case list, giving direction and feedback to the Assistant Habilitation Specialist.  Plans should be discussed with line manager in supervision enabling a cohesive service delivery.


  1. Assess and monitor the habilitation (Mobility and Independent Living) training needs of Children and Young People (CYP) who are blind or partially sighted (0-25 years).


  1. Undertake environmental assessments in the home, school or public areas as required, for specific habilitation programmes.


  1. Undertake appropriate risk assessments, implementing appropriate risk management strategies. Ensure that CYP’s needs are met and report any concerns to line manager. Ensure all Safe Guarding concerns are addressed and reported in line with organisations processes & procedures.


  1. Develop individual habilitation (mobility and independence) training programmes on the basis of needs identified, in agreement with line manager, CYP and/or, where appropriate, parents and others closely involved.


  1. Deliver appropriate individual habilitation training to CYP with Visual or Multi- Sensory Impairment (VI/ MSI) in a range of settings (e.g. homes and home area, nurseries, schools, colleges and public places of relevance to the CYP and their needs).


  1. Undertake home visits and, be available on occasions, work in the evenings and when it is dark to assess and train CYP with night blindness or to meet with parents when they are available.


  1. Provide guidance and support to parents/carers in order to ensure habilitation (mobility and independence) training in the school and home settings is complementary and consistent.


  1. Provide support in habilitation (mobility and independence) for CYP with VI/ MSI at times of transition to and between educational settings.


  1. Liaise with parents, teachers, teaching assistants, ancillary workers and other professionals as appropriate regarding the habilitation (mobility and independence) needs of CYP with VI/ MSI to provide a co-ordinated service.


  1. Maintaining detailed, timely records of habilitation (mobility and independence) provision for CYP on caseload, in-line with SFS processes & procedures. Write reports as appropriate, including monitoring reports and recording statistics in line with SFS key performance indicators (KPIs) and contractual obligations.


  1. Plan and deliver training about VI/ habilitation to staff working with CYP with VI/ MSI and for peer groups of such pupils/ students.


  1. Develop and maintain links with other professionals involved with the education and support of CYP with VI/ MSI (e.g. Qualified Teachers VI, Rehabilitation Officers for Adults, Specialist Social Workers etc.)


  1. Develop and provide advice to relevant authorities regarding the habilitation (mobility and independence) needs of CYP with VI/ MSI from the area.


  1. Attend Annual Reviews, and other appropriate meetings/ events with agreement with line manager where the sharing of habilitation (mobility and independence) information would be helpful.


  1. Participate in and, on occasions, organise extra curricula activities for CYP with VI as part of their habilitation training.


  1. Maintain an awareness of current thinking, research and relevant developments in the area of habilitation (mobility and independence) and Habilitation Training, in order to improve and further develop service provision.


  1. Undertake such other duties as may be expected within the grade and nature of the post, including when necessary the organisation and management of ad hoc projects.


Work Context

Merton Vision and Sight for Surrey are multi-disciplinary organisations working together to achieve the best outcomes for the children, young people and their families who access our services.  Both organisations are contracted by the respective Local Authorities Children’s Services to provide assessment, mobility and independent living skills training.  Both teams also receives grants from other funders that enable us to enhance services.

The post-holder must adhere to legal requirements e.g. Child Safe-Guarding, Children & Families Act, Carers Act, Education Acts as well as Education, Social Services and SFS policies and procedures.  The post holder is expected to adhere to the National Standards for the delivery of Habilitation, General Social Care Council Code of Conduct for Social Care Workers.

The work involves travelling around Merton and Surrey, working alone and on own initiative. The post-holder will at times need to work flexible hours in agreement with their line managers.


Strategic Management/Operational Service Planning/Forward Planning


There is a requirement for members of staff to have an understanding of the overall aims and objectives of the team and how these contribute to the organisations Strategic Plan. Work within agreed procedures to achieve team objectives.  Considering and identifying where and how their work impacts on the work of the organisations.


Merton Vision and SFS constantly needs to reassess its priorities in line with a changing funding environment and the needs identified by its members and service users.  These factors are crucial to our organisations survival and need careful attention.  In order to successfully manage these pressures there is a need for all staff to be flexible and work wherever their core skills are needed most.  No one will be asked to carry out work for which they are not properly trained.



Ensuring CYPs who have VI/ MSI are able to maximise their life opportunities and reach their full potential.


Making things happen


Achieving agreed goals and targets.  Manage time and available resources effectively.

Participating fully is supervision sessions, annual appraisals, team meetings and training.

Collaborate with others to make things happen.  Ensuring CYP’s are safe and that their needs are recognised as being paramount.  When necessary managing crises effectively.


Developing Others/ Team Development


Habilitation Specialists must be open to new learning opportunities, be willing to share their knowledge and skills with others and contribute positively to team development.


Managing Change/Embracing Change

Seek ways to continuously improve their own performance.  Suggesting where improvements in service could be made.  Open to new ways of doing things.  Adapting positively to changes and feeding back the impact of changes to their manager, where appropriate.


Personal Impact

Demonstrate integrity, honesty and professionalism and the ability to be flexible when necessary.  Respect the opinion and expertise of others.


Use of Technology and Management of Remote Teams

Using relevant technology proactively and effectively to do their job and, wherever possible, to deliver services.



Office based with the ability to work remotely with the agreement of line manager in order to maximise resources.  Service delivery takes place in community, schools, service users’ homes, outside environment in line with needs of the CYPs.


Ability to travel extensively throughout Merton and Surrey.







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