A great opportunity to join a new social group set up by one of MertonVision’s service users.

A great opportunity to join a new social group set up by one of MertonVision’s service users.


DISCLAIMER: Please note that this group is not organised or supported by MertonVision and is the sole responsibility of the organiser.


Hello everyone! My name is Imran. I am 33 years of age and partially sighted from the London Borough of Merton. I like and enjoy socialising, chatting, meeting new people and making new friends.


I want to meet and make more new friends who are blind, partially sighted and have other disabilities as I do not have many disabled friends in my local area.

Due to my own personal circumstances and for the benefit of other disabled people, in collaboration with a few friends, I decided to set up and run a regular monthly coffee and lunch social group get-together event for people with disabilities to come together and meet for social interaction to chat, socialise, meet new people and make new friends, have a drink and something to eat, and to also be used as a support group to share and discuss worries, problems and any issues they are having.


This group is for members aged between 18-45 years only.


The aim and objective of this coffee/lunch social/support group meetup event is to improve the social life, mental health and wellbeing of disabled people, to get them more active and socially engaging and interacting with others and to remove their anxiety, depression, isolation and loneliness.


Full details of the venue of which the group will run and be held in is:

Arthur’s Café/Arthur’s Catering

170 Arthur Road, Wimbledon Park, London, SW19 8AQ

Telephone no: 020 3602 4318

Email: arthurswimbledon@gmail.com

Website: https://www.arthurscafewimbledon.com/

When: Wednesday, 16th September 2020

Time: 11am-2pm

The venue has wheelchair access.


Nearest London Underground Tube train station: Wimbledon Park, District Line towards Wimbledon

156 bus route towards Vauxhall – Nearest bus stop: Stop H Wimbledon Park Arthur Road

156 bus route towards Wimbledon – Nearest bus stop: Stop R Wimbledon Park Arthur Road


Please note that members aged between 18-45 years old are only allowed to attend.


Please also note that we are a new group and this is the first time we are running our meetup get-together event. The first launch and running of the group will take place on Wednesday 16thSeptember 2020 from 11am-2pm and will be running once every month until further notice. Please view the below links for regular updates on dates and times for the group meetup get-togethers.


We will only be allowing and accepting 17 members maximum to attend only for each of our monthly meetup get-togethers until further notice. This may increase depending on the success of the group and subject to approval of the venue owner. Please view the below links regularly for updates and details.


Due to recent events and the current situation regarding Covid-19, we ask you to please bring a face mask with you to our meetup events. You will not be compelled and obliged to wear the face mask for the entirety of the event but you may be required to wear the face mask at the counter when ordering your food and drink at the request and requirement of the venue.


If you are interested, please keep an eye out for updates and announcements and dates of the running of the group and venue details.


We are now on Meetup and Eventbrite.


Please view our Meetup group page at: https://www.meetup.com/SocialLight-Group/


View our Eventbrite page at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sociallight-18-45-coffeelunch-socialsupport-group-tickets-117526022497


Please remember to view each event’s dedicated event page on Meetup and Eventbrite to RSVP and register your attendance and to view event details.


If you use WhatsApp, we have also set up a WhatsApp group for the group as well. If you really want to start chatting, socialising and meeting everyone and make new friends right now, please access this advert on your smartphone and please join the WhatsApp group by tapping this link:



If you have any problems with my group’s joining link, please send me a message directly on WhatsApp and I will be happy to add you into the group.


If you have any further queries and questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


E-mail: sociallightsw19@gmail.com

Mobile: 07835420497


Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.


Best regards,


Founder and organiser for SocialLight Social/Support Group – Connecting Disabled People Together