BAME Vision Workshops for National Eye Health Week

BAME Vision – NEHW Workshop Itinerary 2021[7041]

BAME Vision, in collaboration with eye care professionals and people with lived experience, are facilitating a series of informative workshops around this year’s themes of National Eye Health Week. This year, National Eye Health Week runs from the 20th – 26th September 2021


You can find the full schedule and speakers below. To register for any of the sessions, please email All workshops welcome a Q and A session, or email your questions in advance. The link to join via Zoom will be shared with you a few days prior to each workshop. Please do share with your networks and members.


Workshop Schedule:


Workshop 1- Monday 20th September 2021

Time – 7– 8pm


Hosts – Bhavini Makwana, Adam Mapani, Tricia Smikle and Saliha Rashid as a Lived Experience speaker of Leber Congenital Amaurosis


This session will cover:

  • Introduction to BAME Vision and what BAME means,
  • Sharing our mission and vision,
  • Sharing details of the upcoming workshops during the week ahead,
  • What is National Eye health week, its aims and this year’s themes,
  • Discussing challenges and perception of sight loss within BAME communities,
  • How to stay connected to BAME Vision and our projects.



Workshop 2 – Tuesday 21st September 2021

Time – 7 – 8pm


Hosts – Dr Sheena George, Subash Suthar and Nita Patel, a Lived experience speaker living with Diabetes and Management.


Theme: Sight after 60


This session will cover:

  • Sharing common eye conditions which are prevalent in BAME communities, in those over the age of 60,
  • Sharing resources and services available to support you,
  • Ways to manage good eye health and vision,
  • Importance of regular eye check-ups and screening,
  • Sharing tips on good diet and nutrition.



Workshop 3 – Thursday 23rd September 2021

Time – 7-8pm


Hosts – Jayshree Vasani, Subash Suthar & Bhavini Makwana, a Lived Experience speaker of Retinitis Pigmentosa.


Theme: Live Well and See Well


This session will cover:

  • Why good sleep, diet and exercise is important,
  • Regular eye check-ups and the importance of having them,
  • Who is entitled for free eye tests,
  • What can be detected in eye tests?
  • Talking about medication and eye drops,
  • Sharing impact of screen time and usage,
  • Protecting eyes from sun,
  • Relax and Breathe- the importance of doing so,
  • Clarifying myths around so-called remedies within BAME communities.


Workshop 4 – Friday 24th September 2021

Time – 2-3pm

Hosts – Beverley Drugid, also sharing living with glaucoma, Wayne Chapman and Maxine Plowden, a Lived Experience speaker of Coloboma


Theme: Mental Health and Mindfulness


This session will cover:

  • Highlighting the importance of relaxation and taking care of our eyes,
  • Sharing the work of an eye care champion,
  • Raising awareness of mental health, in particular around having a vision impairment,
  • What is mindfulness?
  • Practicing mindfulness whilst having sight loss.


Workshop 5 – Sunday 26th September 2021

Time – 1 -2pm

Hosts – Mandy Davidson, Subash Suthar and a Lived Experience speaker of Macular Degeneration Ifzal Khan


Theme: Dry Eyes, Cataracts and myth busting


  • What are Dry Eyes?
  • Signs and symptoms of Dry Eyes,
  • Common causes of Dry Eyes,
  • Prevention or remedies of Dry Eyes,
  • Cataracts and its effects,
  • Living with Cataracts.


We look forward to seeing you at the workshops