Information regarding Coronavirus Vaccine Injections

Please see message below regarding Coronavirus vaccine injections.

This message is to ensure that you receive all vital Covid jab information in your preferred format.

The NHS Accessible Information Standard:

The Standard applies to all organisations that offer NHS or Adult Social Care services in England.

This includes GP practices, dentists, hospitals and pharmacies.

Your rights:

The Accessible Information Standard states that people in England have the right to accessible information and communication support.

This means that if you are blind or partially sighted you can request your health information in your preferred format such as braille, audio or large print.

  • you can ask for accessible information and communication support at any time
  • next time you visit your GP, hospital, dentist, or other social care appointment you can ask for the information and communication support you need

The Accessible Information Standard template letter: Notifying your provider to be send or given to your relevant Health Agency is printed below. If you need support with completing the form please call the office on 020 8540 5446.

Please see link to RNIB for more information:

*We are working closely with the CCG and LBM to provide an online information advice and guidance video to enable you to access the vaccine safely.  We will circulate the link to the video as soon as we receive it.


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Accessible Information Standard template letter: Notifying your provider


Your name




Service provider







Dear [insert name],


As you may be aware, NHS England published a new information standard about accessible information which came into force in 2016.  It is called SCCI 1605.


The standard sets out rules for communication formats and represents a real step forward for people who are unable to read standard print to be able to access health information and appointments in a format that they can read.


With this in mind, I would like to notify you that I have a sight impairment and cannot read ordinary print. Therefore, I’d like to request that any documentation that you send out to me be in the format indicated below:


My required alternative format for written communications is: [insert your preferred format/s here]


This request applies to all forms of written communications, including personal patient information and general information which you normally provide to service users in ordinary print.  I would be grateful if you could ensure that my information format needs are captured and flagged up on your patient record system.


If you need further information, the read codes for my request above are located in the SCCI 1605 full specification document on the NHS England website.


I would be grateful if you could confirm in the format specified above that my accessible format needs have been recorded on your patient record system and on my summary care record under the communications and information needs section.


Yours faithfully,

[insert signature here]