Updated COVID-19 Information

•    The coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is safe and effective. It will give you the best protection against coronavirus
•    The vaccine is one part of our defence – we still need to continue with ‘hands, face, space’.
•    The NHS will let you know when it is your turn to have the vaccine. It is important not to contact the NHS for a vaccination before then.

People over 80 can now get the MHRA approved vaccine. Remember, you need two doses to be protected from Covid-19. You’ll be contacted when it’s your turn. Find out about the roll-out at nhs.uk/CovidVaccine

Confidence building: You cannot catch coronavirus from the Covid-19 vaccine.

Helpful sources of information
NHSE publications –  Home – Health Publications
PHE resources centre – Resources – Coronavirus Resource centre
Gov.uk Immunisation centre – Covid-19 Vaccination Programme

Covid-19 Vaccination – guide for older adults using British Sign Language (BSL)
Video can be downloaded here:

COVID -19 what to expect after your vaccination- with sign language (British Sign Language)
Video can be downloaded here: