Weekly Quiz!

Just for fun, answers below, don’t peek and good luck:

  1. How many months have a Friday 13th this year?
    2. What does Au stand for in the periodic table?
    3. George Orwell famously travelled to fight in which conflict?
    4. What is the most sold flavour of Walker’s crisps?
    5. In which year did The Beatles split up?
    6. In which two months do solstices occur?
    7. Which popular cartoon family was created by Matt Groening?
    8. In which sea is the Great Barrier Reef?
    9. Komodo dragons are native to which country?
    10. What is the only even prime number?













  1. 1. Two (extra points for March and November)
    2. Gold
    3. Spanish Civil War
    4. Cheese and Onion
    5. 1970
    6. June and December
    7. The Simpsons
    8. Coral Sea
    9. Indonesia
    10. Two