Habilitation support for Children, MertonVision

My name is Suzanne and I am the Registered Qualified Habilitation Specialist (QHS) for Merton Vision.

This involves working with children in educational/home settings. Areas of training/support may include teaching independent living skills such as using a knife and fork or dressing skills. It may involve teaching cane skills and orientation skills such as travelling to school by public transport or a short local route using landmarks and APPS.

I have a passion to develop independence in Visually Impaired pupils which was initially generated by the personal experience. I have seen how important a good Habilitation Specialist is and how it gives pupils the skills and confidence to achieve personal goals.

I understand how vital it is to teach children and young people the skills that will promote inclusion and independence. This will allow them to reach their full potential and have the courage to live full independent lives.

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