One to One Support

For the past 11 years MertonVision have been able to provide a unique follow up service for all of our new clients.

From previous experience and feedback, we have discovered that initially it is hard to come to terms with sight loss and also difficult to absorb all of the information that has been given by the rehabilitation team.

Therefore we are able to provide a one to one support worker who will contact the client within six weeks of their first visit from the rehabilitation team. Initially the support worker will arrange for a home visit where they can chat to the client in a friendly and supportive manner and also establish the best ways to work with the client to help them go forward and come to terms with their sight loss.  The support worker may also accompany the client on one of their regular routes to help them regain their confidence, and also introduce them to services that are provided by MertonVision or other local organisations.

When the support worker feels confident that their client has been given the best possible support, they will arrange to contact the client within three months to establish how they are managing with their sight loss.  After this the client will be contacted on an annual basis to ensure that they have the best possible follow up service.