Would you like a volunteer to help you?

Thank you so much for getting me the help (a MertonVision volunteer). It’s given me so much more peace of mind. It’s so much better than just sitting here worrying about going out…..Thank you”

Rita 82


Please see here to request a volunteer:

Most clients request our Home visiting Service. Clients requesting a volunteer are first visited by the volunteer co-ordinator to assess what assistance is wanted or needed. This can range from:-

Companionship, to break the cycle of isolation, anxiety & depression.

Reducing stress by reading personal correspondence, help with paying bills, online  shopping/banking.

Restoring confidence by escorting out on shopping trips to local stores.

Increasing enjoyment, social interaction and well-being by escorting out on local walks, visits to places of interest.

You can make a request for a volunteer by contacting Carmel Sammons our  Volunteer Co-ordinator. She will visit you to discuss your needs.

As soon as a suitably matched volunteer becomes available you will be introduced at a mutually convenient time.


Outside Social Group

A friendly group who meet up for lunch once a week throughout the borough.


Awareness Training in GP’s practices

Invaluable for medical practice staff.

With the use of simulation specs and other resources we can offer your staff an insight into sight loss and how to improve the service that they offer their clients who live with a visual impairment. Sessions are tailored for each practice and generally last for between 60-90 minutes.

To arrange your training session please contact

The Office T: 020 8540 5446

Email: info@mertonvision.org.uk



We are happy to come along to events that are held within the community to talk about MertonVision and the excellent service that we provide for people who reside in the London borough of Merton and are living with sight loss.  We also demonstrate some of the resources that can be obtained through MertonVision.