Telephone befriender service

We are very happy to be able to offer this service at MertonVision.

The process involves a volunteer phoning one or more clients on a regular basis – for example, once a week or once a fortnight.

They will ask how you are and if you are experiencing any difficulties or problems, and if there has been a change in your circumstances which we may be able to help with. This help could include allocating a home visitor to do weekly shopping, to deal with correspondence, applications for benefits, or referrals to another service. They could also help you with a new hobby or class or event which you might like to attend. This is a similar service to that which staff have been offering, but this service will be initiated at a client’s request.

And we have great news – we now have more new volunteers who have subscribed to help with our telephone befriending service.

If you would like someone to phone you on a regular basis for a friendly chat, or to just get something off your mind, then do let us know.