About us

Merton Voluntary Association for the Blind (MVAB)

was formed in 1965 at the time of the creation of the Borough of Merton and the Greater London Area. Until then, Surrey Voluntary Association for the Blind had been the sole service provider in the area (Merton was in Surrey) Surrey Voluntary Association negotiated with the newly formed local authority and the London Borough of Merton Social Services took on the statutory aspects of their work. MVAB was created to take on the social elements. We have worked closely with our local Social Services Department since that time.

Merton Voluntary Association for the Blind has the working name of MertonVision.


MertonVision believes in the right of an individual to a full role in society. Our aim is to support and provide services to individuals at different times in their life to enable them to achieve that objective.

To deliver the highest possible quality services to many more blind and partially sighted people in Merton.

To become a Centre of Excellence.

Our goal is to support and empower visually impaired people from their diagnosis of enduring sight loss through the entire rehabilitative process in whatever form is appropriate for them. This will include children, adults, people with dual sensory loss and people with additional difficulties.

To promote the relief of need of people of all ages who suffer sight loss.

To do that we currently undertake to;

Ensure that visually impaired users of services are in the position of decision making at all levels for those services.  Lease with the local eye units to support people as they are diagnosed with an enduring sight loss. Provide a rehabilitation service whose aim is to promote the maximum amount of independence and choice for clients. Part of which process is helping reintegrates them with their local community. For us local is a key word and encompasses local knowledge, local connections and local awareness of visual impairment and the service.

Benefits available

Freedom Pass

The Freedom Pass gives free travel on most public transport in London at any time and is funded by Merton Council.

Contact the Disabled Freedom Pass Administrator on 020 8274 4990.

Children’s Freedom Pass Administrator on 020 8545 4200

Taxi Card

Merton Council subsidise taxi costs:

Children can obtain these cards.

Contact Taxi Card Scheme on 0845 4154156.

TV Licence

Reduction of 50% on the Television Licence fee.

This applies to a registered severely sight Impaired person or child  who lives in the household.

Contact TV Licence helpline on: 0300 790 6071.

Parking Concessions: The Blue Badge Scheme

This is administered by the Local Authority can be used in any vehicle the visually impaired person is travelling in.

Contact Merton concessionary travel on 020 8274 4990 .

Free postage on Items marked Articles for the Blind

This includes:

Large print items Books, papers and letters minimum 16 point Font, Braille items, Computer discs, Cassettes which have been specially prepared for people who are blind or partially sighted.

You May also be entitled to:

Free Loan of Wireless for the Blind fund Radio, MP3/cassette player for adults and children over 12 who are registered partially sighted or severely sight impaired.

Help with telephone installation charges and line rental. Contact Social Service Local Authority to see if you qualify.


You are entitled to free NHS sight tests if you are registered partially sighted or severely sight impaired.

You may get a vouchour towards the costs of complex glasses, other costs may be met if family are on a low income.

Discounted Rail Travel

Disabled Person’s Railcard gives approx. one third off national rail travel for cardholder and accompanying adult.

Discount can be obtained on single journeys without the DPR if proof is provided at time of purchasing tickets.

Exemption from BT Directory Enquiries

Contact BT 195 for further info. You may also receive these discounts if your supplier is not BT.

Council Tax Reductions

You may be eligible for council tax reduction if you have a room set aside for specific disability reasons. Such as; Computer room or other equipment for communication needs

Personal Tax allowance

If you are working you may be entitled to Blind person’s Tax allowance if registered severely sight impaired or if you are not working you may pass this to your partner.