2021 Census – accessibility

2021 Census – accessibility


This is the helpline number 0800 141 2021

This number should only be used after you have received the “standard print” information letter, and is likely to be extremely busy.

Once you have managed to get through, you can then request a copy of the information letter that meets with your special communication needs.

If you are able (before phoning) to somehow find out the unique code contained in the original letter and quote it,

then they will arrange for someone to complete the Census form with you over the phone.

The information below is how to complete the Census independently for those who are able


  1. Go to website: www.census.gov.uk


  1. Input your 16 number and letter detail


  1. If you don’t have this:


  1. You will be asked if you’d like to have a new one, reply yes


  1. You will then be asked if you would like it texted or posted to you…answer text


  1. When the text arrives, copy and paste it and put it in Notes on your phone


  1. Delete all extra text such as, “here is the new number requested”


  1. The information will then be in blocks of four including letters and numbers


  1. Copy and paste and put on top of form


It is easy to fill out as it is mostly ticking boxes