New proposal for the Guardian Centre and medical facility June 2020

It is proposed to re-develop the Guardian Centre at Courtney Road to provide modern bespoke premises for MertonVision and the Colliers Wood and Lavender Fields surgeries.  
This project is supported by the Partners at both surgeries, South West London Clinical Commissioning Group, and the Trustees of MertonVision.
The proposal is to provide approximately 1,000 sqm of high quality medical space for the delivery of NHS primary care services for the patients at the surgeries, along with 550 sqm of bespoke space for MertonVision. 
The purpose of this website is to show the proposals and invite your comments in advance of a planning application later in June.
This link will be open from the 8th – 12th June where you are able to post comments: these will be considered prior to the formal planning application being submitted.
Thank you.
Simpson Hilder Associates